Spotlight on Armando Cabba

Today TamTamTools wants to talk about the remarkable art of Armando Cabba, a Canadian artist currently based in Paris with his own independent gallery/studio. With a Painting and Drawing degree from Concordia University in Montreal, he moved to Florence for a few years where he began to evolve into the artist he is today. The focus of all his works and his main influence are the people in his life and his environment. Like Picasso and other masters before him, it was only natural for this young artist to call Paris his home. His primary medium is painting and over the previous couple of years he has been exploring the idea of identity and the temporary self through his series of self portraits. Each painting is a recording of Cabba’s state of mind which depicts a short term persona. “Our emotions can reoccur but how we experience them can never be duplicated” says Armando. In our world woven together with social media, Cabba believes it’s important to explore and depict the more “unflattering” side of human emotion. “Life isn’t always sunshine, rainbows, and Instagram filters. There are dark and negative emotions we all experience. It’s normal and makes us human, so why aren’t we talking about them more?” Like many others out there, we cannot wait to see what new work Cabba has in store for us.

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